Watch : 245 people jump off bridge in Brazil

Watch : 245 people jump off bridge in Brazil

In one adrenaline-loaded stunt, 245 people rope-jumped off a bridge in Brazil.

As many as 245 people jumped together on Sunday from a 98-foot-high bridge in Brazil in a Guinness World Record attempt at rope jumping. The stunt took place in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo.

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Although the success of the attempt has not yet been confirmed, the group unofficially broke the previous record of a mass jump involving 149 participants.

Attached to their harness, 245 men and women simultaneously leaped off a 30-metre-high bridge and swayed like pendulum in a world record attempt in Hortolandia, an hour from Sao Paulo.

Yet to be recognised by Guinness World Records, the group unofficially broke the previous record of a mass jump involving 149 participants, back in April 2016. The previous record was made at the same place.

Rope-jumping is an extreme adventure sport that involves jumping from a height while tied to a nylon rope which, unlike bungee jumping, doesn’t bounce back.

Watch the jaw-dropping stunt here:

The practice, called rope jumping, consists of jumping from impressive heights while tied to a nylon rope.

It differs from bungee jumping because the rope doesn’t have any bounce.

Instead of bouncing back, rope jumping adepts slow down at the end of their fall and end up dangling at the end of the rope.

One jump can require months of preparation due to the complicated system of pulleys and bolts involved. Stunt organizer, Alan Fereira, said a total of 400 people were involved in this year’s project.

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