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India may ban laptops in check-in luggage

India may ban laptops in check-in luggage

New Delhi: Large personal electric devices (PED) like laptops might be banned inside check-in luggage to avoid any fire incident in the cargo of planes, report claimed. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in a study submitted to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) stated that fire in PED kept in cargo hold “could lead to loss of aircraft”.

In this regard, it was stated that carrying of any such PED in hand baggage is preferable as the cabin crew is equipped to tackle with such situations.

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Following this study and the recent incident of a mobile phone catching fire in a Delhi-Indore flight, it is likely that large PEDs will be banned inside check-in luggage. Reportedly, international aviation agencies are already considering the ban, and if implemented, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will also implement it. Noteworthy that, several PEDs like power banks and electric cigarettes are already banned in check-in bags in India.

As per a report by Times of India, the FAA conducted a series of tests and it was concluded that if a PED is placed in with an aerosol can inside a suitcase and there is any thermal runaway event, there are chances that the aerosol can might explode. According to the FAA, in certain cases, if the fire suppression system of the aircraft is compromised, it can lead to the loss of the aircraft.

This was taken note of by the ICAO, which is examining the report “PEDs carried by passengers and crew” to address safety concerns regarding PEDs being stowed in checked baggage.

However, the Times of India report claimed carrying of PEDs inside handbags should not be an issue as cabin crew are trained to handle PED fires.

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